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rainbow dash 617
guys we need help!
Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:02 am by Jamie
okay guys. the forum is coming on a bit better now, and thats all thanks to chacellor and ofcourse the help off rainbow with the new gfx's!

but, as you guys are our first few members, we need you to help us too! we all need to recruit, we dont ask for a while, just in your spare time on dueling network. or even if you duel sombody and hes a good duelist or a good attitude. you could point him in …

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Welcome To Pro-League Dueling Academy
Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:45 am by Chancellor-Rainbow
I am the Admin here, I'd just like to say welcome to the Academy. I hope you enjoy your stay here and if you have any issues. Please message me.


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Slifer Red Homework

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 Slifer Red Written Examination 1

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PostSubject: Slifer Red Written Examination 1   Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:12 am

1-Name 3 ways you could automatically win.

Answer : (Here)

2-What does graceful charity do?

Answer : (Here)

3-What cards do you need to fusion summon elemental hero the shining

Answer : (Here)

4-Name the effect of effect veiler

Answer : (Here)

5-if player A normal summons a monster can player B activates bottomless trap hole?

Answer : (Here)

6-How many tributes do you need to normal summon the Dark Magician

Answer : (Here)

7-Whats the difference between mystical space typhoon and heavy storm?

Answer : (Here)

8-Can trap hole destroy a monster with 800Atk?

Answer : (Here)

9-Can you fusion summon 5-Headed Dragon using 4 dragons and 1 warrior type monster?

Answer : (Here)

10-can elemental hero stratos add 1 elemental hero monster from your deck to your hand?

Answer : (Here)

11-Can mirror force destroy all face-up attack position monsters?

Answer : (Here)

12-Name 2 cards that can negate a summon

Answer : (Here)

13-name 2 cards (1 spell 1 trap) that can special summon a monster from the grave.

Answer : (Here)

14-Can mystical space typhoon negate a card?

Answer : (Here)

15-How does mage power work?

Answer : (Here)

Good Luck and Pm me the answers
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Slifer Red Written Examination 1
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